Welcome to Limon Engine’s documentation!

Limon is a multi platform 3D game engine mainly focusing on first person games. Focus of its development is ease of use and ease of study. It has builtin editor for maps, animations and GUIs.

Prebuilt binaries for Windows, Linux and MacOS can be found here

If you want to check out what Limon engine is and can do, you can check out about.

The documentation is separated in three major sections:

  1. How to use the engine and build in editor to create games.
  2. Extending capabilities using Limon API.
  3. Engine architecture and internals.


If you are having issues, or if you think some awesome feature is missing, please let us know using the issue tracker. Also if you want to chat, there is a Discord channel.


The project is licensed under the LGPL license.

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